Instantly respond to sustainability requests

Provide instant, regular and most importantly accurate information on your sustainability achievements, objectives and progress at the touch of a button. Use this opportunity to clearly demonstrate your commitment to becoming a sustainable business.

Beef scandal

Who is operating in your supply chain? Get visibility of every supplier and processor that touches your product from cradle to grave. Quickly identify where the risk hotspots exist within your supply chain and focus your efforts on working with or removing those suppliers to improve and protect your brand.

Supplier Scorecarding

Comprehensive supplier scorecards covering water, waste, carbon, hazardous materials, ethics, packaging enable granular ranking and scoring for transparency, performance and maturity of policies.

Green Procurement

Integrate supplier performance and rankings directly into your procurement systems and operational processes to ensure buying decisions are considered within the context of the suppliers performance, transparency, level of engagement and the maturity of sustainability policies.

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At Applegreen we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our energy and water consumption. We aim to do so in a manner that balances the needs of our customers, the wider community and the environment.
Approaching this vision in collaboration with our suppliers shares the economic benefits of doing so and enables us to work closer with our valued partners.
As a major supplier to multi-nationals and government bodies our ability to quickly and professional share our environmental credentials is very important to us.
We continue to work with our supply chain partners to extend and deepen their understanding of their role in reducing our collective environmental impact.
101 News
“In order to meet Dell’s expectations in quarterly business reviews, Tier-1 suppliers must show that they 1) Publicly disclose annual GHG emissions by participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project; 2) Establish a public goal for reducing operational GHG impacts; 3) Set expectations for Tier-2 suppliers to manage and publicly disclose emissions per GHG Protocol… …failure to meet these requirements can impact your ranking and potentially diminish your ability to compete for Dell’s business.”
Walmart is committed to working with its suppliers, associates, customers and communities to achieve three aspirational goals: To produce Zero Waste, to be supplied with 100% Renewable Energy, and to sell Sustainable Products.
We recognize these are challenging aspirations, yet they are also a tremendous business opportunity. Behind each goal are untold opportunities to reduce waste and cost, improve product quality, drive innovation and tap growing consumer interest in sustainable products.