Recording your emissions is now even easier

The latest release of the Nootrol application was rolled out yesterday with a significant overhaul in how emission activities are recorded and managed. Thanks to our user feedback we’ve been able to streamline the process of creating activity records and we’ve updated some other elements too.

Reviewing and managing your activity records is now done using a slide-down window to display all of the details of particular records, replacing what was originally a pop-up. The particulars of how the emissions for each record were calculated is available to view on the slide-down along with data on when the record was created and which time period it applies to.

The process for adding a new activity record has been completely refurbished. The previous six-step pop-up window has been removed and replaced with the new window below, combining all the involved in creating an emission activity record.

When you select an emission activity category from the eight icons on the left you will then be presented with a tree to select the measurements to be used to calculate the emission. Once the rest of the details have been entered the activity record can be created and the emissions calculated for that activity.

A new feature that’s been added in this release is the Quick Footprint calculator. This calculator allows you to enter a fast estimate of any facility’s emissions for a chosen year. The calculator has three steps for data entry: direct emissions, indirect emissions and commuting and business travel emissions.

Direct Emissions records your fuel usage from stationary combustion (e.g. natural gas or oil burned on-site) and from mobile combustion (e.g. transport and freight from company-owned vehicles). Indirect Emissions records your use of electricity. Commuting and Business Travel Emissions records your employees’ commutes (using public or private transport) and any business travel.

Using the Quick Footprint calculator with just a few clicks and keystrokes you’ll have an estimate of an entire year’s worth of emissions. With more and more user feedback we will be able to make our future releases more efficient and even easier to use.